Dewaterers: FAQs

WasteXpert Dewaterer uses a series of processes in which the food is ground into fine particles. A special centrifugal technique dehydrates the macerated food waste. Using this technique, the food waste volume reduces by 60 – 70% reducing your disposal costs drastically. The ‘grey water’ is directly fed in the drain and the food waste is collected in the bins for easy disposal. WasteXpert Dewaterer is a practical and innovative alternative to the traditional disposal of food waste.

When food waste is buried as landfills, it emits methane (CH4) and other harmful gases. Methane is 72 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (CO2). Methane is one of the main reasons of global warming as well. The WasteXpert Dewaterer reduces the food waste volume by 60 – 70% thus indirectly contributing to less landfills and less harmful gases in the society.

WasteXpert Dewaterer can process most types of food leftovers or food waste. One can process food leftovers, fruits & vegetables, breads, rotis, green leaves, eggs, meats, fish bones, nuts and much more.

Although, one must refrain from putting cutlery, large bones, coconut shells, shoots and leaves in the WasteXpert Dewaterer. Please refrain from putting plastic, glass, tin, metal, meat ropes or tea-bags in the WasteXpert Dewaterer.

WasteXpert Dewaterer comes with a warranty of 1 year. Moreover, we also provide after-sales maintenance and services through AMCs.

The ‘grey water’ will be high on grease content and must be run through a grease-pit before feeding it to the drain. The ‘grey water’ can even be further composted to create plant nutrients and manure for the soil.

No. WasteXpert Dewaterer is completely eco-friendly and all its processes use only water.

Yes. The WasteXpert Dewaterer requires continuous water and electricity input to assist the grinding and dehydrating process.

No. While our machines are highly durable and made of SS304, we recommend using soft water for longevity and hassle-free usage.

No. The WasteXpert Dewaterer does not require constant human attention. Once the machine begins the grinding process, it does not require any human attention for the rest of the process. Only to input the waste you need a resource.

No. All the processes of the WasteXpert Dewaterer are totally green.

No. You can feed food waste into the machine whenever you want. The machine constantly reduces organic waste.

The maintenance cost for WasteXpert Dewaterer is very low. The WasteXpert Dewaterer does not require regular servicing unless there is a breakdown. Regular cleaning and precautionary measures should be enough for the WasteXpert Dewaterer to serve you for long years