Dewaterer: How it works?


The WasteXpert Dewaterer is the answer to your food waste problem. It is a compact stand-alone solution for food waste handling and can rapidly deal with all kinds of organic food waste in large quantities. This equipment is compact and can reduce your food waste volume by 70-80%!

Best suited for high volume waste generation sites, the WasteXpert Dewaterer requires an extremely small area and therefore can fit in storage or garbage rooms as well.

The Process

The WasteXpert Dewaterer is a clean and easy to use food waste solution for all commercial
kitchens with high volume of daily waste.

Step 1

Grinding the food waste

Step 2

Centrifugal dewatering of waste

Step 3

Output of grey water and 70-80% reduced solid waste!

How to use?

You simply load the food waste into the hopper while the tap is on with running soft water. The food is then ground and dewatered using a special centrifugal technique. It is due to this technique that the WasteXpert Dewaterer can reduce your food waste by up to 70 – 80%, lowering your waste storage and municipality cost dramatically.

The WasteXpert Dewaterer requires running soft water, electricity and no constant attention to reduce your food waste by 70 – 80%! There is also a hot water connection needed for cleaning the insides of the equipment.

The grey water discharged can be connected to the sewage treatment plant directly. This water can also be reused for gardening purposes.

What cannot be processed?


Meat Bones









Most cost effective & efficient food waste management solution

  • Easy Installation. Plug and play.
  • Compact standalone unit.
  • 70 – 80% volume reduction of food waste.
  • Hot water connection for cleaning cycle.
  • Easy Maintenance. Stainless Steel 304 body.
  • Reversing button for the crusher.

Packed with Accessories

Magnet to catch metal parts

Spray jet to clean the top & external walls

Input tap for water- hot and cold

Mesh lid to prevent rodents & insects

Perfect for every establishment

The WasteXpert Dewaterer is a perfect food waste handling solution for anyone who believes in savings and efficiency.
The Dewaterer is ideal for establishments like:

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants, Pubs and Cafeterias
  • Corporate Canteens and Hospitals
  • Hostels and Food Centres
  • Fisheries, Bakeries and Caterers